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How to Diagnose and Troubleshoot Mozilla Firefox Issues

Have you been facing Firefox issues lately? And have no idea about how to fix them especially on your own? Well, worry not this post will help you with diagnosing and troubleshooting most common issues in your web browser. Hence, read further.

Troubleshoot and Diagnose Firefox Problems

Restarting Your Computer

Many a times rebooting your mobile or PC device can simply fix all kinds of issues regarding your installed applications and web browser, Hence, restart the device, and then try the same with Firefox.

Cookies And Cache Files Cleared

The following steps will help you with clearing the cache and cookies in your web browser.

  1. In your Firefox, hit the Library button from the toolbar or click on the menu button, then select Library, and then select History.

  2. Now, click on Clear Recent History, and then select Everything from the drop-down menu under the Time Range to clear section.

  3. Now, select both Cookies and Cache, then hit the Okay button to remove the selected files.

Try Restarting Firefox in The Troubleshoot Mode

With the help of the Firefox Troubleshoot Mode, you can disable the extensions, use the default Firefox theme, and turn off the hardware acceleration, and also use the default toolbar settings. Here’s how.

  • Select the menu button, then click on Help, and then select the Troubleshoot Mode.

  • Now, select Restart, then click Open on the next dialog box, and then you should be able to Troubleshoot and diagnose Firefox problems.

Try Reinstalling Firefox

  1. At first, download and save the latest Firefox installer from the official website of Firefox.

  2. Now, exit the current version of Firefox (if already opened), then Uninstall Firefox from your computer via using the Control Panel, and then delete the Firefox program folder. You can find the program folder from Program Files or Program Files (x86) \Mozilla Firefox location in your installation drive.

  3. Next, go back to the Firefox installer file, run it to proceed with the installation and then follow the onscreen instructions to finish the installation.

Finally, start the Firefox and see for any persisting problems or if the previous issues have been fixed. If not, then kindly reach out to the live tech expert at Mozilla Firefox Customer Service and take their assistance.

Refresh Your Firefox

The Refresh Firefox feature in your web browser can help you in restoring your Firefox Profile to the default. Besides, it’ll also save your important pre-saved information. However, if you have not created your Firefox profile, then you can Contact Firefox customer support for better assistance.

Also, when you refresh your Firefox web browser, certain information such as your bookmarks, browsing history, already opened open tabs, windows, passwords, cookies, web form auto-fill data will still be intact and saved. But any of your preferred extensions and themes will be restored to default and your preferences will be reset.

  1. Select the Refresh Firefox button from the top of the Firefox about:support Troubleshooting Information page, then again select the same button from the next confirmation window.

  2. Now, Firefox will close itself to refresh, and after the refresh is processed, you’ll see a window that will show your imported information.

  3. Finally, hit the Finish button and then the Firefox will again open.

Moreover, if you are using the Firefox Safe Mode window, then you can see the Firefox button in it as well. However, if you cannot start Firefox normally, then you can also do a manual refresh by creating a new profile, and then transferring your important pre-saved data to the new profile.

Try Checking Browser Internals

  • The Firefox Task Manager or the about: performance page allows you to see all the tabs or extensions that are slowing down in your Firefox. 

  • The Telemetry Data shared with Mozilla or the about: telemetry page contains the detailed data about the web browser’s performance, hardware information, usage and customization.

  • The Troubleshooting Information page or the about: support page includes information about other about: page links and other troubleshooting resources.

You can also Contact Firefox customer support for better info on finding information regarding the same pages.

Check For Conflicts With The Internet Security Software

  • If you have installed any kind of internet security software such as antivirus, antispyware, and firewall programs, then there might be possibility that it may be causing issues with your Firefox.

  • The problems can include blocking the web browser from opening websites, website or web browser crashing, web page lagging, etc.

  • To fix this, you can open the program's settings, then remove Firefox from the list of allowed/trusted programs, and then the issue will be re-detected followed by letting it to Troubleshoot and diagnose Firefox problems.

Check For Malware Issues

You can also check for any kind of Malware issues that might have been causing problems in your Firefox web browser. Besides, you can use the antivirus to scan for any kind of viruses, spyware or any other malware. Also, you can use the safe mode in your web browser to troubleshoot any other malware issues.

How Do I Chat With Firefox Support?

You can either opt for the in-built chat feature or the social media messenger services (Firefox social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to Contact Firefox customer support experts. They’ll assist you quickly via the same support options and ensure better user experience with the Firefox web browser as well. Also, the Firefox chat support option has better turnaround time just as the phone support option. Hence, you’ll be able to talk to the live customer support experts thoroughly.

Contact Firefox Via Social Media Network

The Firefox social media forums can help you to get through the experts through chat forums and discussions. Also, you’ll be able to discuss your queries with other Firefox users, and get their help on troubleshooting and diagnosing the issues. Besides, the live experts will also be available to assist you with the best assistance and quick-time solutions.

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