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  • 26 May 2021

Have you forgotten your Google password and are looking for information about how to recover it as well as how to figure out what your password is? You will be unable to access your Google account if you do not remember your password. You can, however, use recovery to create a new password for your Google account if you forget your existing password. 


Around the same time, if you have your Google password saved on any of your devices, you can retrieve it from there if you can’t remember. Are you willing to learn that how do I reset my Google password if I forgot it? You can learn more about resetting your Google password if you forget it, as well as determining what your password is, by looking over the information given below.

How to Reset Your Forgotten Gmail Password?

The appropriate procedure for resetting a Google password when you have forgotten it is shown below.


  1.  Open the Google recovery tab, enter your email address, and then click Continue

  2.  You can then type an old password, but if you don't recall any, choose try another way

  3.  Google will then ask approval to send a code to your recovery phone number

  4.  After that, you can opt to receive your code through text or phone call

  5.  Type the code into the field provided for verification and get transferred to the password reset page

  6.  Alternatively, you can choose I don't have my phone if your registered number is no longer valid

  7.  Google will send you the code in recovery email once you've given permission

  8.  After that, copy the code from your email and paste it into the recovery page

  9.  Finally, Google will verify the code and direct you to the password reset page, where you can create a new password to replace the one you've forgotten.

How do I find out my Gmail password?

If you need to know what your password is, go to your device's managed password settings and look it up. You can figure out what your password is by following the steps described above.


  •  To begin, you have to go to your device's Chrome app and open it

  •  Then, in Chrome, navigate to the right of address bar and press More

  •  After that go to the settings menu and choose Passwords from the drop-down list

  •  Finally, you have the option of viewing your password to see what it is

Follow the above mentioned easy steps to reset your Gmail password as well as the steps to figure out your Gmail password. Other than if you have found any problems resetting your Google password or any other Gmail account related issues, you can contact Gmail customer service representative for assistance.

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