How do I permanently delete my match com account?

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  • 2 December 2021

Dating sites are a rage among millennials. There is a custom-built dating application for every user. connects you with people of every kind. Match users can delete their accounts permanently using a set of steps. The steps by step guide to delete account permanently are mentioned below: 

Steps for permanently deleting account

  1. Delete your account permanently. 

  2. Open the web browser on your device and navigate to the sign-in page. 

  3. Login to your Match account by entering the login details. 

  4. Match users need to click on the profile picture or the avatar to open the settings tab. 

  5. Select the “My account settings’ option on the page. Scroll down until you reach the bottom to find additional options.

  6. Users will find a link on the page. Select this link and click on the “To suspend or delete your account option”. 

  7. Users can either suspend their account or permanently delete it. 

  8. Users can select the following options to permanently delete their profile and account from the database: “To delete your account and permanently remove your profile from the site”.

  9. Confirm your selection to permanently delete your account. 

Users are supposed to leave their testimonials as asks users to leave their feedback before they move ahead and delete account.  A testimonial would help others to get an idea about the services offered by Match. Users may have to answer a couple of questions on the testimonials page. For instance, users need to give reasons for deleting their match account. 

How to delete a Match account of a deceased person?

Users can delete the account of a deceased person by informing the professionals at Match. Inform the company of the demise of the person and elaborate on your relationship with the deceased to get their Match account closed permanently.  

Users cannot change the account details as the terms and conditions do not support this. The account can be deleted permanently after the demise of a person.  

Users can log in to make the desired changes to the account of their loved ones. Users can use the login credentials to manually delete the M, account of a deceased person. 

Can I deactivate my Match account? 

Users can deactivate their Match account using the deactivate account option. The steps are the same as deleting the account permanently, selecting the deactivation option in the end to deactivate your account.

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