How to Change Recovery Phone Number on Gmail?

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  • 31 December 2021

Undoubtedly, Gmail is a great service that has been serving its users in a great way since 2004. It has a user base of more than 1 billion and is still growing at an exponential rate. However, seldom its users require expert advice when they encounter any problem. They allow you to obtain those important details which are very useful to resolve your issue in Gmail. Now, let us look at some of the issues for which many users look for the answer.

How do I change my recovery phone number on Gmail?

Many Gmail users want to modify the contact number that can be used in recovering their accounts. This is a vital method for updating your account recovery information and getting it back when you forget its password. However, they want to know about the official process which can be used here to accomplish this contact number modification goal.

The process to Change Gmail Recovery Phone Number

  1. Launch the official Gmail website and log in to your account.

  2. Click on the gear icon and go to the settings section.

  3. Select Accounts and Imports > Other Google Account settings.

  4. Choose the Personal Info section and opt for a phone number.

  5. Click on the Pencil icon located next to your current number.

  6. Enter the current Gmail account password and change your phone number.

You can also change your password for Gmail account recovery by using its official application on Android. It is vital to change a recovery phone number on your Gmail account through the services that you need. You should always update your Gmail account recovery info when you change your registered contact number as it is an important part of the recovery process. You can also change the Gmail phone number by contacting its official Gmail customer service and requesting the change.

How do I contact Gmail about a recovery?

Gmail has dedicated support that also provides information related to the recovery of your account. Many users want to gain help on how to contact Gmail to recover their accounts. 

Dial Gmail Customer service number (650) 253-0000 and directly talk to the live person and provide the details about the recovery of your account.

Get assistance for other Google products to call at (650) 253-0000.


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