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  • 25 May 2021

In the era of technology, almost everyone has developed a habit of depending upon their technology. Whether it is depending upon your smartphone or deciding every small thing on the basis of your Laptop or Desktop Pc’s. Many of us have a habit of not typing but saying everything out loud and letting the browser or our device make a search out of it. The world is changing and it is developing more and more into the era of voice recognition.

How do I turn on voice typing in Firefox?


If you are one of the individuals, who prefer to use voice recognition instead of typing into the screen of your smartphone or the keyboard of your Desktop Pc or Laptops but the only question which pops up in your mind is that How do I turn on voice typing in Firefox, no worries. You can easily do so with the help of the below mentioned steps;


  1. Whenever you open a Search Engine.

  2. You’ll find an option of Microphone situated to the right of the search section box.

  3. Click on that.

  4. Once you do, if you have not allowed it the permission, then allow the website to use the microphone of your device. Check the above mentioned points on how to turn on your microphone.

  5. Allow the website to use the microphone.

  6. Once you have, click on the microphone option.

  7. It will turn red, when it does.

  8. You can start speaking and the voice engine will be writing down word by word.


Thus, with the help of the above mentioned ways one can easily have an idea about turn on voice typing in Firefox. And can make a search in a hassle free manner without even touching the screen or the keyboard of your device.

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