How do I speak to a live person at TurboTax?

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  • 29 December 2021

TurboTax issues can be solved by the TurboTax customer service team. So if you have any queries and you want to speak TurboTax live person, you can call Turbotax customer service number 1-800-4INTUIT (1-800-446-8848) to get quick support. You can also contact us by leaving a message with our TurboTax support team or chatting with the Mint support team.

TurboTax customer support team is available on four different modes. All the modes are described below in detail in this write-up.

How do I speak to a live person at the TurboTax phone number?

Steps to speaking the TurboTax phone number

  • Call TurboTax at 800-446-8848 

  • For USA Press 1 or Press 2 for Canada

  • Then you will connect with Turbotax live representative

You can also check the voice menus of TurboTax, and find services accordingly

Press 1 to get TurboTax support
Press 2 for QuickBooks support
Press 3 for Payroll support
Press 4 for ProConnect
Press 5 to get checks & supplies
Press 6 for payment solutions/merchant services
Press 7 forget credit score support

TurboTax Online Live Help

TurboTax Community Support

How do I talk to a Human at TurboTax?

If you found any questions or doubts related to TurboTax, you can easily talk to a Human at TurboTax by calling TurboTax at 800-446-8848 and scheduling a callback from us if no one is available immediately. The service team will provide a perfect and sure-shot solution to your TurboTax issues. 

Simple ways to talk with a human at TurboTax

Speak over the phone

This is the best way to communicate and discuss your TurboTax issues with the TurboTax customer service team. The customer representatives of TurboTax will receive your phone call and ask about the issues that you are facing. Tell them your issues clearly. They will recommend the finest solution to overcome your TurboTax issues. Also, to directly interact with the customer representative of TurboTax, dial 1 after dialing Turbotax phone number 800-446-8848. You can speak to TurboTax customer service at any time of the day. They are present round the clock to aid you.

Live chat is also a perfect way

Start communicating with the TurboTax customer service online. Chat with the customer representatives and tell them the issues that you are facing in TurboTax. On the other hand, they will provide the finest solution to overcome your TurboTax issue. You can chat with them at any time of your valuable day.

Email makes words clear

Email provides a definite answer to your TurboTax issues. Write down an email containing all the issues that you are facing in TurboTax. The representatives will answer your email and provide a basic solution that you need to access on your TurboTax. 

Social media is a support

You can take help from various social media handles of yours. Simple go to the TurboTax page where reach the help section. Write down your TurboTax issues there and wait for an impeccable reply. You will surely get an optimum answer accessing your social media.

TurboTax Social Media Support


TurboTax customer service hours

open daily from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM PT.
7 days a week

What is Turbo Taxes phone number?

TurboTax customer service number - 888-777-3066

So, these are the ways to contact TurboTax customer service live person. You can reach out to any of the ways accordingly.

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