How to recover ProtonMail account?

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  • 31 December 2021

Forgetting passwords can be quite problematic especially when it comes to email accounts. However, one can easily recover it with the help of the simple recovery options such as email, phone number, or other options. When it comes to ProtonMail accounts, the webmail provider offers you simple options to get back their accounts.

How do I recover my ProtonMail account?

So, are you also wondering How do I recover my ProtonMail account? Well, read further to know more about the simple steps to recover your ProtonMail.

  1.  Visit the ProtonMail user sign-in page in your web browser, then select the Need help option, and then hit the Reset password. 

  2.  However, if you have enabled 2-password mode in your ProtonMail account and you have forgotten your mailbox password to decrypt it, then you can select the Forgot Password option directly.

  3.  Next, on the recovery page, enter the username of your ProtonMail account as well as the recovery email address in their respective fields.

  4.  Now, hit the Reset password option, and then you are required to confirm the password reset process on the next page. Hereafter, ProtonMail will send you a password reset code on your recovery email, then check out the mailbox and then get the code.

  5.  While fetching the reset code, you don’t have to close the password reset page as this will void the password reset process, and then you’ll have to start over again to fetch the code.

  6.  After you have fetched the password reset code, then enter it on the ProtonMail password reset page, and then hit the Reset password option.

  7.  Next, you’ll get a warning message letting you know that resetting your account’s password will permanently encrypt all of your inbox messages. Besides, you’ll also be able to see your emails along with their metadata (such as sender, subject, etc.). However, you won’t be able to see the body of your email messages or any other attachments.

  8.  Next, you’ll need to go through the CAPTCHA verification, and then hit the Reset option to choose a new password.

  9.  Finally, confirm the new password changes by entering the new password once again, and then hit the Reset password option to save the changes.

How Do I Add My Mobile Number To Protonmail?

Are you thinking How do I add my mobile number to ProtonMail? Well, the webmail client service provider lets you change or update your current phone number to the next one. You can easily update your mobile signature in your account but if you have a free account, then you won’t be able to make any changes into the phone number in your account.  Here’s how you can add/change your phone number signature in your ProtonMail account.

  1.  Get access to your account on ProtonMail in your web browser or mobile device, then navigate to the left side menu.

  2.  Next, head over to the settings section then scrolls to the mobile signature field.

  3.  Hereafter hit the Edit option, then follow the onscreen instructions to make changes to your mobile number signature.

How Do I Find My Protonmail Password?

Wondering how do I find my ProtonMail password? Well finding your current password can help you in changing it, remembering it, and avoiding any further login issues. However, if you are new to the ProtonMail account, then you might be finding it hard to know to locate your current password in your account. Hence, follow the steps mentioned below to change your account’s current password.

  1. At first, get access to your ProtonMail account via using the current password of your account.

  2. Then, navigate to the Settings section in your email account, and then head over to the password section.

  3. Here, you’ll need to hit the Change Password option for setting up the new password or to know about the current password.

If you are still confused to recover your ProtonMail account, how to add a mobile number to Protonmail and find your ProtonMail password, and other issues related to the ProtonMail account, then you can kindly reach out to the live experts on ProtonMail support services. They will surely help you out with your account password reset and other queries regarding your account.

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