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  • 18 May 2021

Hotmail is one of the easily accessible online assets that is committed to providing the best online service to its customers. Its security system exceptionally well requires you to have a password through which you can enter into your official account. If you disremember it, the only way to get access to your account is to use the recovery procedure of your Hotmail account.


Recovering your Hotmail account is very effective for all its users. However, some people lose the linked phone number and do not know how to proceed in the recovery process. But, the good news is Hotmail has everything under control by providing extra methods that will help you in the recovery task.

How do I recover my Hotmail account without a phone number?

Recover Your Hotmail Account  By Using Email ID

  1. In the beginning, go to the official Microsoft website and click on the login button to move to that section.

  2. Enter your Email ID or Skype ID in the required field and proceed to the next one where you should select the Forgot Password option.

  3. When the recovery process begins, select the alternative email ID as a method through which you wish to recover your account.

  4. Click on the send button after entering the partially encrypted alternative email address in it.

  5. Open the inbox of that email address and locate the verification email sent to you and obtain its precious code.

  6. Now, enter that code in the required field and verify your identity as the owner of your email address.

  7. Create a new password and make it permanent by confirming it through the re-entering process.

  8. In the end, conclude the recovery process by saving your new password to use for logging into your account.

Using the online method is undoubtedly a great method and it becomes easy when you use the steps that are given above. With the use of this process, you can easily Recover Hotmail Account Without Phone Number. 


This method will help you to gain accurate details that will help you in the recovery process. However, you can also use another secured method for your recovery. In this, you need to employ the following process for the recovery of your account.

Recover Your Hotmail Account By Security Question

  • Before anything, visit the official Microsoft website and move to the section you can use to log in to your account.

  • Enter the required information about the preliminary stage and click on the Forgot Password option.

  • In the recovery process, choose a security question as your method to recover the account.

  • On getting that question, type in the correct answer or the one that is closest to your booking.

  • Prove your try identity to the server and get clear access to the password reset section.

  • Enter your old password in the required category and book your flight by entering your details.

  • Fill in the necessary web field with a new password that is both unique and strong to crack.

  • To end this process, enter the new password one more time in the subsequent web field to finish the process.

I hope that the above methods will serve the purpose and assist you in recovering your account. If you still have any doubt about recovering your Hotmail account without phone number, you can talk to Hotmail live customer service agent


For this, use a phone or chat method and gain an instant solution to any query about any issue relevant to the Hotmail official Account recovery.

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