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  • 19 May 2021

ProtonMail is widely used by a common and professional user in order to send emails to clients and users at any time in a vital manner. It makes you quite eligible to save your documents, emails, and contacts without facing any obstacles. There are a number of users who consider this kind of webmail account perfectly well in terms of creating huge storage and heavy attachment files that can be sent by the users at any time simply. It is said that if you are using a ProtonMail on your mobile device, you can keep your all contacts safe and secured by importing them into your PortonMail account simply. 


If you are a user of ProtonMail and looking for guidance to import contacts into this free webmail account, you are required to know the simple trick and find the best options to do so without wasting more time and mental energy. 


However, if you are asking that how do I import contacts into ProtonMail, you must feel relax as on this page you will seek quite an easy process to import contacts into your PortonMail account simply.


Following are the ways to import contacts into PortonMail


  1. At first, launch an internet browser and visit the PortonMail account login page and enter the proper credentials to access.

  2. Go to the settings tab and click on the import contacts showing in the left menu of the contacts file into the box.

  3. Now go to the contact list from where you can select the CSV or PDF file on your PC or mobile device and select the import tab.

  4. Click on the done button after importing contacts into Porton mail and check out the contact options at the end of the task,

In case you still find something wrong and asking that how do I import contacts into ProtonMail, you are always free to contact Protonmail customer support team that is available to help you at your required time ingeniously.

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